Each program comprises of a gathering

Note: If the run times have not been set, the timer will not initiate manual watering and the screen will return to the current time. • To specify a specific program or stations, Press the [ ] buttons to select A or B. • Press [ENTER] to activate. • To select a specific station, continue pressing the [ ]buttons until desired station number appears. • Press the [+/–] to enter the desired duration from 1 to 240 minutes. • Wait 5 seconds and your station will begin. • To stop Manual Watering press [CLEAR]. • The timer will go back to your original automatic watering schedule. Example: To manually water on station 3 for five minutes, press the [MANUAL] button then press the [ ] buttons until you see station 3; using the [+/–] buttons, set duration to five minutes; press [ENTER]. Note: After the [MANUAL] button has been pushed, if a selection is not made within 5 seconds all stations and programs will begin watering using the programmed RUN TIMES. If no RUN TIMES have been set, nothing will happen and the display will return to the time of day. Connecting a Rain Sensor • Connect the rain sensor wires to the wiring terminal ports (yellow in color) labeled “Sensor” (see figure 6). Note: Refer to your rain sensor manual for specific wiring instructions. • Place the sensor on/off switch to the “on” position to begin operation. Rain Sensor Bypass This sprinkler timer is equipped with a sensor override “on/off” switch. This switch is for use during maintenance and repairs, so the sprinkler timer can be operated even if the rain sensor is in active mode. Important: If the rain sensor switch is in the “on” position and no sensor is connected, the sprinkler timer will not operate. To resume sprinkler timer operation place the switch in the off position.

Drive a No. 8 screw through one of the two pre-framed gaps situated in lower corners of the (included) is required to hold the program in memory during force misfortune. Yearly substitution is suggested. Expel the plastic strip to initiate the pre-introduced battery. (See page 12 for battery substitution) Note: The battery alone won’t work the valves in your sprinkler framework. The sprinkler clock has a worked in transformer that must be associated with an AC voltage source. 6 24VAC SENSOR COM 1 2 3 4 5 6 Station 1 Strip wire Push in and fix screw Only interface one valve to every terminal (station) or harm will happen Figure 4 Figure 5 24VAC SENSOR COM 1 2 3 4 5 6 Remove plastic strip to enact battery Connect the transformer here Section 3: Programming with Easy-Set Logic™ A note about various projects Your sprinkler clock gives the adaptability of utilizing 2 free projects (A, B). The projects are the place you store the majority of your sprinkler settings.strong magnetic hooks
Each program comprises of a gathering of stations set to explicit beginning occasions and run times. Various projects enable you to run various valves on various days with various run times. While numerous applications just require one program (An), utilizing different projects (A, B) can be helpful for trickle territories, recently planted yard, or turning sprinkler stations. magnetics toyUtilizing projects to gathering stations with comparable water needs will expand water system productivity. Essential programming can be cultivated in only a couple of fundamental advances. Essential Programming Press the [RESET] to clear any past processing plant programming 1. Set Date and Clock • Turn dial to

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